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Issue #67 - 2018 in Review

Our 2018 IMI kick off was entitled ‘The Year of the Bubble’ in which we discussed our growing concerns regarding the ‘Everything Bubble’ in which stocks, bonds, real estate, bitcoin, and pretty much every other investable asset class was overpriced.  During the first few months of the year,...

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Issue #66 - Cash is King!

From January 1st to November 21st, 2018, not a single one of the major investment asset classes has beaten inflation, and this statement was uttered before this week’s blood bath in tech stocks.  By many measures, 2018 has been as bad of a year as 2008, just not quite as drastic.  The chart...

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Issue #63 - Argentina at 60% Interest Rates and the impact of the $USD on Emerging Markets

  This Wednesday the Bank of Canada (BoC) announced that they would be holding rates steady at 1.5%.  Largely influenced by the uncertainty surrounding the NAFTA negotiations, this decision was expected despite the fact that inflation is steadily creeping closer to the 2% target set by...

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Issue #62 - Pick a winner!

Let’s play a game shall we?  I will describe two companies in detail while hiding their names and you tell me which of the two you would invest in!  And......Begin!   Business Model Company A: Design, Ecosystem, and Outsourcing Company A’s business model is focused on reinventing...

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