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Is my financial plan up to date? Am I on track to retire at my target age?

What is my current asset allocation, does it reflect my risk tolerance?

Are there any fees on my current investment plan that I may not be aware of?

Does my Investment Advisor take into account the after-tax rate of return of my investments?


Grow Your Savings

Many Canadians define their primary financial goal as that of financial independence and retirement. It is important to realize however, that these goals are more than just a matter of earning a high income. Successful retirement planning begins with a budget and cash flow analysis to determine inefficiencies in your current profile. By analyzing all aspects of your finances, maximizing the tax efficiency of inflows and minimizing outflows, an efficient savings plan can be enacted.
A key component to financial independence and retirement savings is generating a return on the dollars you put away by means of investing it. The person responsible for managing these investments should have a good understanding of your goals and risk tolerance to appropriately handle your savings. At Innova Wealth Partners, we believe that understanding a client's goals, concerns, and risk tolerance cannot be achieved by completing a three minute questionnaire. Through nurturing relationships built on trust and understanding, a good advisor can recommend solutions with which you are comfortable and that are appropriate for you.
Perhaps the most important aspect of the client-advisor relationship is education. Our clients come from all walks of life and it's important that they understand the financial plan. For this reason, Innova Advisors take the time to explain all aspects of the financial plan to demystify personal finance. By discussing concepts such as the various asset classes, compound interest, and the income tax system, you are empowered to act as a separate set of eyes on your financial plan, monitoring it alongside us to ensure that you reach your goals.

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